Chairman Message

"होम ट्यूशन तथा कोचिंग के नाम पर हो रहे धन व् बालश्रम के शोषण के विरुद्ध युद्ध का नाम है'' महर्षि वशिष्ठ विद्यापीठ एक ही किताब और एक ही लेशन पड़ने के लिये दो बार फीस भुगतान की मज़बूरी के लिये सिर्फ स्कूलों के प्रबंधक ही जिम्मेदार है "...


Welcome to Maharshi Vashishtha Vidyapeeth

Maharshi Vashishtha Vidyapeeth is a situated 8.3 km. from D.M. Benglow at in Rudrapur Road, Deoria established in the Year 2015.

Dear Student
Welcome you to "Rise and shine" education and learning at M.V.V is to lead you to "Enightenment" that must contribute to build communication is society'Enightenment' is that noble goal of the schoo life at MAHARSHI VASHISHTHA VIDYAPEETH.

You will go forth to be a shining light for other through selfess services and inspining leadership. It will be your mission.This object is cnshrined in the school motto:Rise and Shine, Like the buddha one 'Rise and Enlightenment' From one's slumbers of ignorance, attachment and desires to attain the nobles and peace.

Upcoming Events

Oct 21 2015
Dussehera Date for (2015-16)- 21-October, 2015

New admission form along with Prospectus for classes Nursery, LKG, UKG (i.e. Pre-primary) & class I to IX & XI (Maths, Biology and Commerce,) (for session 2015-16) will be available from 3rd Feb. 2015.

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  • Trust

    The School Run By Usra Vikas Samiti and Usar Bazar, Rudrapur Road, Deoria, Uttar Paradesh.

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  • Hostel

    Life at Hostels of MVV School is cozy, comfortable and convenient due to its expansive hostel setup and varied amenities. MVV also conducts orientation programs for its freshers’ so as to help them blend in with the diverse School culture easily.

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  • Library

    Spread over an area of 365 the Fully Digitized Library of MVV School boasts a colossal collection of Books and Journals. Lending, Reading and Reference – the 3 different sections here ensure an enhanced reading experience for its students.

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  • Sports & Recreation

    Sports, fitness and recreation form the integral part of MVV School. From track for athletics to courts for tennis, basketball and volleyball, from swimming pool to grounds for cricket, soccer and hockey, from sports galas to student clubs and performing arts fests, MVV has it all.

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  • Transportation

    MVV School has made Commuting to and fro easier for its students and staff, with its fleet of 6 Buses serving them daily. Additionally, there’s a National Highway nearby and well connected bus service as well for their convenience.

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