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Usra Vikas Samiti, from the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Admission and Withdrawal

  • The Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reason.
  • The Application Form for Registration/Admission shall be signed only by the parents or lawful/authorised guardians. The form should be accompanied with an authentic document containing the child’s date of birth. It should be only from a Corporation or ‘Anchal Panchayat’. Affidavit or Hospital certificate is not acceptable.
  • Special attention must be paid while entering the name and date of birth of the child in the form, as subsequent changes will not be permitted.
  • The school reserves the right to admit a pupil to a class suited to his/her level. Admission will be finalised strictly on merit basis after screening/ interview/ interaction/ written test as per the decision of the management and on payment of the prescribed fee.
  • A written test will be conducted for classes I and above in English, Hindi, Maths, and General Knowledge to judge the eligibility of the candidate.
  • For withdrawal of a student from the school, at least one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing, otherwise a calendar month’s fee will be charged.
  • The names of the pupils who remain absent for two weeks without leave shall be struck off the rolls.
  • Once admission is taken, the fees will not be refunded, even if the child is withdrawn.